Communication Skills

The Nature of Effective Communication

We talk to people every day. Our behavior is mostly automatic, and most of the time, it works. When it doesn't, however, we are mystified, frustrated, or angered. These negative feelings are rarely focused on our selves but almost always on the other person. In this course, you will discover how talk really works so you can take responsibility for your words and talk in a way that allows the other to understand you even in the most difficult moments.

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Created by Dr. Dalton Kehoe
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Dr. Dalton Kehoe retired as Senior Scholar of Communications at York University in Toronto, where he earned his doctorate in social psychology. He was a teacher and organizational change practitioner for more than four decades, specializing in both interpersonal and organizational communications. In addition to being honored for his teaching - with the York University Teaching Award, recognition at the national level by both University Affairs in Canada and by The Chronicle of Higher Education in the United States, and being named one of the province's top 30 professors by Ontario's public educational network - he was also a senior partner in a consulting firm that specialized in teaching organizations how to reengage their employees. As a public speaker, he presented seminars to organizations throughout North America on both the use of technology in teaching and on leadership and employee engagement. Professor Kehoe is an expert not only in face-to-face communications but in the use of modern technologies such as video streaming for effective teaching. His publications include Communication in Everyday Life (2nd Edition), Communicating in Organizations: Complexity, Constraint, and Creative Choice and Mindful Management.

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