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I Inc., Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship

Learn how to take positive control of your career.

Don't just put your resume out there and hope someone will give you a job.

Learn how to change your approach in your career by learning how to build your Personal Brand, your Personal Value Proposition and tap Under-served needs that will make you more marketable in today's changing job environment.

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About the author

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Mike Callahan: Managing Partner with Callahan & Rose Consulting.

Prior to his retirement in January 2020, he was the Director for the College of Business' Career Management Center at The University of Michigan – Dearborn.

In his current role, he helps people be more empowered in the pursuit of their career aspirations.

In his prior role, he worked with students to develop their brand, value proposition, and under-served needs in order for them to be more in control of their career pursuits.

His book, I Inc. Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship, provides the content for this production.