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In this course, you will learn how to build the resume or CV that gets people into top-tier companies and schools. We'll start from the basics, but then we go to advanced tips and tricks to make sure your resume stands out from those of competing applicants. Whether you're applying for a corporate job, a nonprofit, or a school, this resume will increase your chances of making it to the first interview. Resumes and CVs are different depending on where you live, so we've made sure to tailor our advice to all possible countries you could be applying in.

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Created by Felix Peeters
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Felix Peeters graduated in International Management at the HEC Management School in Paris. During an exchange at the London School of Economics, he launched a small company to help young professionals land jobs at top-tier global firms. Today, Felix works as a Marketing Manager in London for one of the largest tech companies. His online courses on career development have helped over 5000 professionals with job interview preparation, resume optimization, and cover letter writing.