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Have a Career and Be a Good Mom: How to Redefine Working Motherhood

This course will help Modern Working Moms understand their identity, how their careers relate to their identity, and why women tend to lose themselves in motherhood. It will provide exercises, tools, and resources to redefine and embrace working motherhood to ease mom guilt. It will empower you to make changes in your mindset to challenge societal messages telling women they don't deserve a career or fulfillment outside of motherhood.

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Created by Jenny Elliott
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Jenny Elliott is the host of Career Mom, a podcast for working moms. She has had a successful career in Corporate America at a Fortune 100 company for over a decade. She is married and has a young son. After the birth of her son, Jenny was so unprepared for the identity crisis she experienced when she returned to work. It was the lack of support and conversation around the experience that led to her podcast, Career Mom, where she has conversations with working moms about the joys and challenges of raising children while juggling careers.