Natural Learning for You and Your Kids

The growth of a child as they explore their world is a particularly fascinating and wonderful thing to see. The main purpose of this course is to help you take part in their explorations in a way that brings enjoyment and fulfillment to both of you. In natural learning, the aim is to let go of every form of coercive teaching and parenting, as these result in ineffective learning. Effective learning occurs for everyone in your family when you are all able to learn naturally, that is, actively and motivated by curiosity, playfulness, and a connection with others.

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I am a writer, podcaster, dancer, and musician. I used to be a primary school teacher but, during my time teaching, I began to feel that something was wrong with our current education system. After leaving school teaching, I still had a strong interest in education. I wanted to explore how humans learn. As I read extensively and conversed with teachers and parents, my thinking changed regarding the most effective and ethical way of educating. I developed a more natural approach to learning. This is what I share in my writing and my podcast, Life Of Learning.