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Building a Fulfilling Career

How do you feel about your work? Is it a calling or a so-called career? Career paths are rarely linear, so we can often have mixed feelings about our work at any given point along the way. In this course, you will learn strategies to help you find fulfillment in your work regardless of your title or salary and learn approaches to develop a satisfying career that builds on your strengths.

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Created by Mark Woychick
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Mark is the founder of Hearken Consulting, which is devoted to helping people live and work better by facilitating collaborative decisions and improved communication. His practices include strategic planning and organizational health. Mark is also the creator and host of the So Called Podcast, which explores how and why we work by interviewing people at all stages of their careers about their relationship with work. He teaches at Boise State University, where he is the Director of Programs for the College of Innovation + Design. Before working at the university, Mark's experience included a variety of roles at Fortune 50 companies.