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Have you ever marveled at the grandeur of the pyramids of Egypt? Ever wondered just how a civilization using the most basic tools created them? In this course, you'll discover the origins of the mysterious and enduring pyramids of Egypt. We'll see how pyramid technology evolves, from the pit graves of the first pharaohs to the mighty Great Pyramid of Giza. We'll examine construction techniques, and challenge outlandish theories. By the end of this course, you'll have a thorough understanding of not only why the pyramids were built, but how this amazing civilization accomplished them by resourcefulness and persistence.

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Created by Dr. Paul Harrison
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Dr. Paul Harrison is a presenter, author, and media archaeologist, with over ten years of experience in public speaking and lecturing. His lectures have appeared in periodicals and magazines, such as BBC History Magazine's "Top Ten Things to Do." Paul has been interviewed on national radio and Sky News and appears on the History Channel hit, "Ancient Top Ten."

He was also a writer and presenter on Sega's "Total War" mini-documentaries.

Paul is an enthusiastic performer, appearing in several ambitious short films and even a feature film, working closely with such actors as Rebecca Hall, Olivia Poulet, and "Spartacus's" Simon Merrells. Paul recently worked as a television producer for a major alternative investment company, where he tutored high-level economics experts, hedge fund managers, and top financial analysts to present on camera. He is the founder of Close-Up Presenting.