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How to Ace Any Professional Job Interview

You’ve just been invited for a job interview. After the initial excitement wears off, you start getting nervous about the whole thing. You have no idea what kinds of questions the interviewer will ask you, let alone how to answer them with confidence. That’s where this course comes in. It will help you simplify the whole interview process, guiding you from the moment you receive your invitation to the moment you walk out of the interview room. Just remember, your interview starts way before you meet your interviewer. If you want to ace your interview, you have to start your preparations right now.

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Ken started his professional career as a hedge fund auditor in San Francisco before becoming an accounting manager at a hedge fund with $2 billion in assets under management.

After receiving his MBA, he became the director of operations at a $10-billion registered investment advisor. His most recent job was as a principal at an investment firm in Los Angeles.

Ken is now a writer and a teacher. He runs a blog ( and teaches business English to adults from all over the world.