The New Father's Survival Guide: Breaking the Stigma of New Fatherhood

There is no clear-cut path that is shown on being a new father. We are given piecemealed advice and told we'll figure out the rest as we go. This course is designed to prepare to survive the wild world that is new fatherhood.

This course is for you, the new dad who doesn't want to fit the stigmas society has thrown our way. We will break down, in three phases, how to overcome, and ultimately survive the stigmas with being a new father.

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About the author

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We are the hosts of the fatherhood podcast "Fearless Fathers". We aim to break the stigmas of fatherhood, by understanding the mindset and helping other fathers know they can overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Both hosts have battled through their own demons with being a father, and are giving back what they learned to the dads that need it most.