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Ready 4 Action! Become an Actor in Film & Television

The four pillars of this course are designed to help you go from zero experience to booking your first acting job:

1. Position Yourself for Success - Learn what sets the professionals apart from the wannabes so you can position yourself like a pro!

2. Refine Your Unique Product - Discover how to harness your uniqueness and market it to the industry!

3. Create Your Acting Toolbox - Get set up with all the tools you'll need, from your headshot and resume to your professional website!

4. Market Your Acting Business - Find casting calls, submit for auditions, and partner with a talent agent!

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Created by Laura Lieben
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2h 17m
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Laura Lieben is an actress from Alberta, Canada, whose work has taken her to film sets in British Columbia, the mountains of Colorado, and a palace in Croatia, Europe. Growing up in a small "village" in the country, acting in movies never seemed like a viable option. (Not to mention, she was terribly shy, spent more time with horses than people, and no one imagined she'd ever be paid for her personality!) Today, she enjoys helping others embark on their own acting adventures!