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How to MC Absolutely Any Event: Master of Ceremony Essentials

Introducing speakers, thanking them, and making an opening speech are all tasks that people are often asked to do. Professional MC & Coach Timothy Hyde shares his insider secrets, tips, and techniques to help you do a brilliant job in the role. After this short course, you'll be far more confident and well prepared to take on the challenge. We also cover dealing with stage fright, available resources and outline the role of the Wedding MC.

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Timothy Hyde is an educator, author, speaker, and entertainer. His 14 books are sold around the world and cover topics such as Memory Improvement, Creative Thinking, Productivity, and Presentation Skills. He's held workshops at several Universities and for some of the world's biggest companies like IBM, Apple and KFC. His background in entertaining, including performing on some of the world's most prestigious Cruise Ships and as an opening act for entertainment legends such as James Taylor, ensures each course is dynamic, entertaining and full of practical content. He's based in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia.

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