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Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager

Product management—done right—should span a healthy mix of the tactical and strategic. However, too many product managers get buried in the tactical and underinvest in the strategic. This course will help you, as a product manager, become more strategic. You’ll learn what work to say “yes” and “no” to and how to amplify your impact on your company and its long-term product portfolio.

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Created by Todd Birzer
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About the author

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Todd Birzer helps product management teams become more strategic and have a greater impact on their organizations.

Working as a product management director or an external consultant, Todd helps product management teams to:

• gain a deeper understanding of articulated and unarticulated customer needs

• develop long-term product strategies for customer delight and competitive advantage

• run an effective “discovery and delivery” product development process

• systematically find growth and profitability for a company’s products

Todd is the author of the book "Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager." He is a principal consultant at Kevolve Product Management, and has an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania.