The Psychology of Decision Making

Whether you’ve known it or not, many of your decisions have been based on faulty reasoning and unsound logic—predictable errors psychologists and behavioral economists call, “cognitive biases.” This course introduces ten biases that most commonly influence your decisions and provides real-world examples of them in action. You’ll also learn strategies on how to avoid falling prey to the influence of each one. After all, everyone else is taking this course, why aren’t you?

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Created by Abasi Latcham
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Abasi Latcham is an aspiring polyglot, enthusiastically amateur athlete, persistent autodidact, fan of history, and technically, a behavioral economist. He’s partial to a good data visualization and Belgian beer.

For over 15 months, he traveled around the world and ended up living in Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia. He currently spends a lot of his time fretting about climate change, reading books, making spreadsheets, and looking for owls.