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Selecting the Candidates for Your Board

Welcome back to Lesson 5 of Building Your Own Personal Board of Directors on Listenable! Congratulations on getting to Lesson 5 which demonstrates commitment to your own personal life strategy.

This course is about helping you achieve the same level of success that has taken me almost 30 years to attain. I want you to be able to do it in less time – maybe even half the time! That is the benefit of creating your own Personal Board of Directors! Using the experience of successful people who have already accomplished your goals is brilliant! You get to learn from the mistakes they made, and hopefully you will skip making those same mistakes on your journey. That saves you valuable time and allows you to keep your focus on the end game.

I have a question for you: why is it that you really want to change your life? Everyone wants more money, or to have a better job, or to dress better, or be well-respected, or to be healthier. But your answer has to be much deeper than that for you to apply a strategy for years. It has to come from your inner core being. I want you to get something to write on and answer this question. Don’t just think about it, write it down. When you write something, it helps connect it to your brain and body in a way that just thinking about never will.

WHY do you want to change your future? Is it because you are unhappy with the life you currently have? If so, why are you not satisfied with where you currently are? I want you to list the reasons why you want to create a new life. Everyone’s list is different. Here are a few examples from people I have worked with over the years: Is it so you don’t have to worry about staying in a job you hate? Is it because you want to attract different people into your life? Perhaps you want to start your own business. Is it because you want to learn to do something completely different with your life? Maybe you look at your parents and despite loving them, you simply want to take a different path. Maybe you look around your neighborhood and you don’t feel you belong there? Maybe the current people who surround you are driving you into a life you don’t want to continue to live? Maybe you want to head into retirement and know you have enough money to enjoy it. Whatever the reasons, they are YOUR reasons, so never apologize for them. You need to hold onto them! I guarantee this journey can deliver what you want BUT only if you commit fully and stay focused on your life goals. Defining your mission starts with the list you just made. Your WHY builds the foundation for commitment, focus, discipline and perseverance.

Your Personal Board of Directors will help you shave years off the journey, by guiding the decisions you make but they have to know your mission and why you are on it. If you don’t know then you can’t direct them to give you the best guidance possible.

By now, you should be starting to identify some obvious ideal candidates for your first board of directors from your list. Don’t discard anyone because you always need a backup list, plus as your life evolves and you reach new milestones, your needs for expertise may change as well.

You are off to a good start with your categorized list but now you need to determine what aspects of your life mission you want the board of directors focused on first. For example, you may want to start off with a personal board of directors that represents all aspects of your life like wealth, relationships, health, family, career or even spirituality. Or you may want to focus your personal board of directors on one key aspect of your life like wealth creation. It is your choice. Either way, take full advantage of the tremendous combined knowledge and expertise. Imagine just 4 key people, each providing you 20+ years of knowledge, experience and relationships! That equates to over 80 years of combined experience. It is truly priceless!

Once you determine the breadth of knowledge you want on your personal board of directors then you will need a simple script to follow as you reach out. I am going to share a recommended agenda for your first meeting that you may want to customize. You may feel a little anxious but there is no need to be. The worst possible outcome is they are flattered but they don’t have time to commit right now. There is no harm or insult to you if that is their answer. You would rather know their time constraints from the beginning so you don’t have to replace them later or they cost you precious time. Plus, I would not miss that moment of opportunity to ask if they would mind you sending occasional questions to them by email or text. They are likely to agree to that and you can still have access to their brain. However, if your top candidate says YES from the beginning, then you just hit the jackpot!

Thank you for listening to this course on Listenable! I know it will add value as you become the CEO of YOUR OWN LIFE!

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Lynda Lee Smith