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Reversals and Their Correction

This lesson is a part of an audio course Seeking Authenticity by Stephen Paul King

“In the practice of healing, a kind heart is as valuable as medical training because it is the source of happiness for both oneself and others. People respond to kindness even when the medicine is ineffective and, in turn, cultivating a kind heart is a cause of our own good health.” —Dalai Lama

The use of daily energy tune-up techniques in this lesson and the following one is for the purpose of setting up the system for being open to the full flow of energy through the physical system and to allow and facilitate the collapsing of any energy, mental, physical or environmental blocks to healing ie. Reversals. I use these at the beginning of every day so that my energy is not in a state of reversal and is available to the best interests of myself, my family, my friends, and, of course, my clients.

The Neurological Disorganization or Reversals correction procedure, which Dr. Roger Callahan referred to as Collarbone Breathing, is as follows:

Place the right index finger and middle finger on the soft tissue point just below the left side collarbone (K-27). With the left-hand index and middle finger of the left hand, tap the gamut spot (on the back of the hand, between the baby finger and index finger) while breathing in fully and deeply, hold the breath, let out half the breath, then the other half, then breathe in a half breath. Breathe normally for a few moments and then do the same with the other hand, i.e. left fingers now over to the right K-27 point and, with the index and middle finger of the right hand, tap the gamut spot and do the same tapping and breathing sequence. That connects the right brain to the left side, and vice versa. Then it needs to be done homolaterally, i.e. the right-hand fingers on the right K-27 point, the same tapping and breathing sequence, and then the same with the left-hand fingers on the left K-27 point.

As a bonus for all the times a therapist may demonstrate Collarbone Breathing exercise, they will probably find subtle or significant improvements in their own sense of well-being, overall coordination, and clarity of thinking.

Professor Langman of NYU medical school found a correlate for a psychological reversal in a study showing polarity reversals being present with the diagnosis of cancer and noted that when the cancerous tumor was surgically removed, the polarity reversal returned to normal.

Dr. James Durlacher has developed a series of algorithms for testing, tapping, and breathing for reversal corrections that he calls ACU-Power and he gives much credit for his work to Dr. Callahan and, as has Dr. Callahan for pain control, he has also effectively used Bach Flower Remedies or “Rescue Remedy”, which is a combination of five of the Bach Flower Remedies, to counteract any recurring reversals.

For athletes, the benefits include the sense of well-being, balance, coordination, strength, and ability to make wise decisions when under any form of mental or physical duress/stress.

Performance is usually presented as the pooling of three things: Ability, Focus, and Motivation.

I believe that to achieve absolutely the best possible personal performance, we need to also include one’s Attitude/Mindset and Energy State.

To achieve the personal best of ourselves we must be prepared in the physical and nutritional realms, as well as having worked on the necessary technical/tactical issues. But many coaches would agree that the most important ingredient is in the mental arena.

Chiropractors and other health practitioners refer to the Triad of Health, meaning the structural, chemical, emotional/mental elements of our makeup. If any one of these is out of balance then the other two areas get negatively impacted.

The first three items of the Suicide Status Form are

  1. Psychic pain – which is an unbearable level of psychological suffering.
  2. Press – pressures (stressors) that impinge upon one’s psychological world.
  3. Perturbation – which is an intense state of emotional upset and includes agitation, perceptual constriction, impulsiveness, and a penchant for action.

The underlying feelings that stress provides are fear, pain, and fear of more pain. Suffering does indeed suck!

By virtue of our past experiences, our energy levels, and our attitude, we can find ourselves feeling spirited/motivated/enthused/passionate or dis-spirited and lacking the wherewithal to perform anywhere close to our true potential.

Confidence and belief are the biggest determinants of excellence and we have to make a personal commitment to excellence to reach the highest levels. This commitment is purposeful and planned and is based on fidelity to oneself. Gaining confidence minimizes the worries and remember that “Worrying is praying for what you don’t want.”

Attention and intensity equal focused emotion. Over-arousal can be an issue – the antidote for which is relaxation.

Being the world’s leading experts on ourselves, I suggest that we need to utilize our own “inner coach” wisdom by calling upon what I call the “Independent All-Knowing Expert Observer” part of ourselves. By stepping “outside” of ourselves we can avoid forms of self-sabotage by asking questions such as, “What advice would I give right now if I really cared for this person and I were watching him/her (meaning oneself) or if I were coaching him/her in this predicament.” When we hear our own loving advice then we need to heed it by applying it to our self, even when a part of us doesn’t believe that we deserve it.

Dehydration is a major issue that was only really appreciated as such with the running boom of the 70’s when aid stations became more readily available in road races. With the body being made up of around 70% water and through Dr. Masaru Emoto’s fabulous book Messages from Water, which beautifully illustrates the impact of thoughts and images on water, (see the film What the Bleep Do We Know) we are only now becoming fully cognizant of the statement that “what the mind dwells on the body reveals”.

Neurological Disorganisation (Polarity Switching) can happen to anyone on a temporary basis as a result of some form of toxicity, including “stinking thinking”/negativism, allergens – even nightmares (as the body cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined). However, there are some people who have a major problem and the “norm” for them is being in a permanent state of reversal. This would possibly show itself in their gait – that, when walking or running, instead of their left arm moving forward as their right leg does, it is the left arm and left leg that does so. Another sign can be when someone constantly says the exact opposite of what they mean, i.e., East when meaning West. This “state of reversal” will have a detrimental effect on a person’s purview and perceptions of the universe and of themselves. I use collarbone breathing, as well as those explained in the next lesson, every morning for maintenance and prevention (from reversal) as well as to maximize my physical, emotional and spiritual strength. It should also be used prior to any competition or potentially nerve-wracking or uncomfortable experience.

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Stephen Paul King

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