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Seeking Authenticity: The Questions: Part 2

This lesson is a part of an audio course Seeking Authenticity by Stephen Paul King

How smart are you?

How are you smart?

Are you listening to a negative inner voice?

Are you ready and willing to work on self-forgiveness?

Where can you exert more influence at work?

The major questions are around our sense of deservability at the subconscious level. Become aware of your negative Core Beliefs and ask yourself; Why do I believe that?

Is it true – given what you now know today?

It was actually all based on belief, perception, interpretation, and limitations at that time in your life. The four questions about our beliefs:

  1. How could this serve me?
  2. What could I learn from this?
  3. How could I use this learning to move forward and have a better life and future?
  4. So, what will matter?

How will the value of your days be measured?

What might you be concerned about would happen if you did not believe …?

What would you do if you thought like God/Jesus/Your Spiritual Higher Power?

Where were you reminded of your divinity?

Where were you encouraged to go for your dreams?

Who makes you feel glad to be alive?

What step(s) would you take if you were brave?

What things (if any) are you doing just to fill a void? Note – nothing wrong with this as long as we have consciousness of it as, from that point on, it is at least then a choice!

On the issue of fears, phobias, anxieties, traumas – Einstein said, there is only one question “Is the universe safe?”

When did you first know you were safe?

Under what circumstances and at what age was it that you realized you were safe?

Behavioral/Addiction relapse questions; When did this relapse start?

What happened? (Just the real facts)

What were your thoughts and feelings around returning to that behavior or using it again? Before – During – After?

What should you have done?

What are you prepared to do now and in the future?

Where do you want to go?

What is your plan?

How did you hurt your family?

How did you hurt yourself?

What are the disempowering assumptions that you are operating under?

What can you do today that is courageous, bold, and honorable?

What choices can you make today that will make you grow?

Is what you are doing right now going to matter in seven years?

We have personally established a mental model of how the world is. The question becomes – does your present mental model work for you now, better than anything you have used in the past?

Is this a risky situation?

Are you being pressured?

How would this impact others that you care about?

Is this consistent with your values?

What effect will this have on your future?

What other choices do you have?

What do you need to do to express who you are and actualize what you have to give?

What kind of a marriage or relationship do you want?

On a scale of one to ten where is your marriage or relationship today? One being a very poor state and ten being truly phenomenal for both parties.

What would it take to move the relationship up to nine or ten?

The qualities of heart and mind that we develop through the act of living is the treasure ‑ not the things we do or the things we accumulate. And so at the end of our lives, when we are taken from the Great Wheel of Life, there will only be a few questions.

Did we (you) become more compassionate or more hateful?

Did we (you) learn to embrace life, or did we (you) run from it?

Who are you seeking approval from today – it could be someone living or dead?

If there were an emotional reason for any ailment you might be dealing with (i.e., fibromyalgia) what might it be?

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Stephen Paul King

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