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How to Create an Impressive Upwork Profile: What to Write on Your Profile?

This lesson is a part of an audio course How to Create an Impressive Upwork Profile by Sílvia Pinho

When it comes to your profile copy, you should always keep your ideal client in mind. A common mistake many make is to write their profile as a grocery list – meaning they simply mention all their accomplishments one after the other, without much explanation or relating it to the actual clients' goals.

You should put yourself in the client's shoes for a bit – what are they struggling with before they come to you? And how can you help them overcome those struggles? Make sure that's front and center on your profile. Something else you need to consider is that the client may not have the same knowledge of your industry as you do, so avoid using any complicated jargon. A good way to find out how your client speaks, what they're struggling with, and most importantly, what their goals are is to conduct some market research.

I personally like to start my profile with 1-2 questions, like I mentioned in lesson 1. This makes sure to grab the client's attention and keep them engaged and wanting to read more. That being said, don't make them read a huge paragraph about yourself. Think about it, if they're looking to outsource their work, they're likely busy and don't have time to read a two-page essay on how great you are. Make sure that every time you talk about yourself (i.e., listing out an accomplishment or certification), you relate that to their goals and how you can serve them better. For example, it's cool if you won a cooking competition in your town, but if you're offering social media management to your clients, that won't be relevant unless you're going after clients in the cooking industry.

Another tip I like to give is to use bullet points. Again this helps with readability, and it's the perfect way to list out the services you offer. I recommend leaving this for the end of your profile, though, after you "convince" the client, you're the right one to help them. Basically, your profile should hook them with a question, convince them with your skills and industry knowledge, and lastly, sell them on your services. To top that all off, don't forget to add a CTA – Call To Action at the end, inviting them to message you or invite you to their job post.

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Sílvia Pinho