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The Psychology and Science of Pricing: How to Profit More

This course is all about the science and psychology of pricing. Did you know if you increase price by 1%, your profit can go up by 11%? Pricing is a powerful weapon in your hands to increase sales and, more importantly, profit. This course is pragmatic and applicable. It digs deep into the scientific research of psychology and pricing in addition to the wisdom of pricing scholars and gurus. I have collected for you not only tips and tricks to hack into customers' perception of price but also the overall strategies and consideration to coordinate your pricing strategies in any given situation or context.

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I am a marketing and business professor in a major university in California and have a Ph.D. with specialization in Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing. I have several years of industry experience and continue to consult with local and international firms. Education is my passion and I live by empowering my students to find their way in life and learn marketing.