3 Golden Rules of Decision Making: How to Avoid Scammers and Exploiters

To have a successful life and career you need to first avoid bad decisions and then improve your good decisions. This course is designed to help you avoid bad decision-making such as poor investments, falling into conmen and fraudsters traps, and or any situation that entails possible bad scenarios.

This course will teach you practical skills that can easily be applied to the most complex scenarios. The technics and decision rules introduced in this course will help you avoid emotional and quick decisions. The course uses real-life stories and examples to demonstrate the points that are backed up by rigorous research and experience.

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I am a marketing and business professor in a major university in California and have a Ph.D. with specialization in Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing. I have several years of industry experience and continue to consult with local and international firms. Education is my passion and I live by empowering my students to find their way in life and learn marketing.