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How to Create an Impressive Upwork Profile: Have Packages Ready

This lesson is a part of an audio course How to Create an Impressive Upwork Profile by Sílvia Pinho

Let's talk about packages now. This is another recent add from Upwork that you should really make use of. Even if you're a VA working hourly, you should still have some packages ready for when clients land on your profile. This not only makes it easier for them to get an idea of the services you offer and the cost associated with them, but it also makes it easier for them to contact you.

If you never looked at this section of a profile, each package comes with a call to action button that clients can click on to make an offer to you. Super easy for both parties, they simply see a service they like, and they reach out to you about it. And again, remember that clients are busy, so any way you get to make their life simpler and the process quicker is a win.

Let's say you work hourly as a virtual assistant. One thing you could do is offer packs of 10, 15, 20 hours at different price points. The client then chooses the one that fits their needs the best. If going with something like this, consider having a discount on the bigger packages, to make them more attractive. On the other hand, you can simply have smaller packages with a higher hourly rate than normal, that's totally up to you.

If you offer more specific services, like, for example, design or social media, where your deliverables are easily measured, you can create specific packages for that. Let's take the example of social media since that's the one I'm most familiar with. You can have the first package be just one platform, the second being 2 platforms, and the third package being the most premium one.

Let me give you another example – if you're doing video editing. You can have the base package be just rough cuts, the second offering a logo animation for their intro, and the third one being a VIP one where you upload the video to YouTube or whatever platform and do some keyword research.

When it comes to pricing, you can have a fixed price for a package – say $500 – a window pricing – say $250 to 500 – or a baseline pricing – say starting at $500. The most important thing here is that you give them something they can choose from, to make their life (and decision) easier.

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Sílvia Pinho