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Creating Career Opportunities

For sales leaders and sales professionals alike, finding opportunities in our existing business and also looking for future career opportunities is key. Let’s face it, sometimes we end up in jobs or careers without a clear path of guidance. If you look at your career and where you are right now do you know how you got there? Personal branding is a unique tool that gives you the opportunity to take a moment, stop where you are and ask yourself, where do you want to be going forward? It truly allows you to take control of your career and future plans, why? Because you are more intentional with what you are doing. That’s exactly where personal branding comes.

Personal branding as a process takes the randomness out of your career and allows you to articulate a strategy that helps you make smart decisions. Take a moment now and think, where you want to be in 2 to 5 years, what your biggest drivers and passions are, who are the people in the industry that inspire you and what skills and talents would you love to grow? By doing this you will find that you’re going to be able to move from a reactive career into something that's much more intentional and proactive.

By Building a Personal Brand for yourself, you will be in control of the choices you make, the people you connect with, the messaging and content that you publish. By doing so, you are allowing not only your clients and prospects to see your work but also those with whom one day you may work. Think about it, when finally making the next career decision, a hiring manager or a VP of Sales will be able to get a glimpse into who you are just by looking at your footprint on social media. And if done right, that can be a great thing that will propel your career forward.

Remember, LinkedIn is a powerful tool used by many professionals from recruiters, hiring managers, and thought leaders. By maintaining consistency, you are opening yourself up to career opportunities that perhaps would have never come your way before.

With building your personal brand, be intentional with your content & network!

In the next lesson, Having a Competitive Edge, I will share with you how having a personal brand is the key to maintaining a competitive edge in an ever complex and intricate sales environment.

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Malvina EL-Sayegh