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Leadership in an Age of Wolves

"Leadership in an Age of Wolves" is a parable about a college senior, Jeff, who struggles with his friend's characterization of society operating by two dictums: might makes right, and, the many serve the few. Home for winter break, Jeff looks for evidence as to his friend's assertions. Jeff's search culminates during a cribbage match with his grandfather. Jeff's grandfather shares the creation story of God's great experiment "Sheep, Herders, Wolves" as the two discuss what motivates people, who holds the power, what leadership is truly about, and why leadership matters so much.

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Created by Scott F. Paradis
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Scott F. Paradis is a leader and trainer who strives to help people live full and fulfilling lives by presenting the fundamental principles of leadership and success in simple, inspiring ways.

Scott is the author of nine books, including: "Sheep, Herders, Wolves – Why We Are Where We Are: A Modern American Fable" and "Explosive Leadership – The Ultimate Leader Training Experience."

Scott served 30+ years with the U.S. Army retiring at the rank of colonel. He served as a National Security Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and as a Congressional Fellow with the United States Senate. He currently resides with his wife Lisa in Eagle River, Alaska.