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Leadership: How to Be a Great Boss

This course is designed to help you be a great boss, whether you are new to management or have been doing it for a while but want to get some new ideas on how to be better. It’s full of practical tips that you can use immediately. You’ll find out what empowerment really means, how to avoid abdication, what being a Seagull Manager is, and what SPVEG objectives are. We’ll cover the difference between thanking and praise, the two dimensions of coaching, how to do a motivation review, and much more.

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Created by Chris Croft
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Chris has a degree from Cambridge University, started work as an engineer, moved into management, and then became a university lecturer. Since then, he has been training people for the last 20 years, his YouTube videos have had over a million views, and he has 18 video courses on lynda.com totaling over six million students.

He writes a regular blog at chriscroft.com, sends out free management tips to 20,000 subscribers, and posts regularly on Linkedin.