Mindful Capitalism: Driving Positive Change in Capitalism

Ready to embrace a new normal?

A new normal where we could all be operating as change-makers to help reform capitalism for the better?

Through this course, you'll discover why we should be caring about the world's most pressing issues today – inequalities and climate change.

You'll also get a glimpse of what having a more mindful capitalism looks like – a system where financial profits align with societal value and environmental sustainability. Most importantly, you'll also discover how we could be change-makers – as consumers, as investors, and as talent.

Indeed, no one is too small to make a difference.

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Created by Hiroki Hirayama
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About the author

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Hiroki Hirayama is a financial auditor in the making. He holds a Psychology and Philosophy degree and immerses himself in stoicism, Buddhism, business, economics, and finance on a daily basis.

He has experience working in 10+ different jobs – from cleaning AirBnBs to managing an international non-governmental organisation. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship, impactful work, and responsible investing.

He consumes, dreams, and breathes ideas on how capitalism can be reformed for the better; for the common good.