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Panel Discussion Masterclass

Everything you need to know to succeed at a panel discussion, whether you're a moderator or a panelist. This course is useful whether you're a beginner, or you've been doing it a while and need fresh ideas. We'll show how to prepare, what to do if you blank out or get nervous, frameworks for crafting memorable answers, and more. We'll give you the fundamentals you need—step-by-step—from setting up your first planning call to promoting your panel appearance on social media. Raise your profile and take part in more panel discussions, presentations, and networking events with this course.

15 lessons
1h 18m
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Angela Cheung is a video expert and professional simplifier. Angela has won awards as a media executive and coach. She has worked some of the biggest brands, including 9 years as Regional Director of Production at Disney. Angela loves helping people like you learn insanely useful skills in a practical way.

Treena Nairne is a communications coach and consultant. Treena helps professionals sharpen their communications skills so they can educate and inspire others. As a former journalist, school teacher, and corporate communications professional and coach, she's built her career coaching others on how to share their ideas in memorable ways.