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How to Overcome Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

Perfectionists are people who are supposed to be successful and happy but strangely are not. They are highly critical of others and themselves. They strive to achieve the best performance and goals in everything they do. Despite being wealthy, healthy, famous, and gorgeous, they are unhappy.

Perfectionism makes you stay home, not take chances, and procrastinate on projects. It makes you think your life is worse than it is; it keeps you from being yourself; it stresses you out.

This course will help you to give up perfectionism and start living a happy life. You will learn to overcome procrastination and keep moving toward your goals. This course will also give you some tools to overcome the fear of failure, anxiety, and negativity. You will learn how to make good decisions and be more flexible.

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About the author

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My name is Narmina, and I am a psychologist. I have dedicated almost 10 years of my life to studying, researching, and understanding the issues regarding psychological difficulties, such as being confident in social situations, low self-esteem, getting rid of perfectionism, etc.

My interest in this area comes from my own personal problems. That's why I became a psychologist – to find answers to my own questions. I did get answers to most of them and decided to reach out to people with similar problems, share my knowledge, and help them to get rid of inner conflicts and live a harmonious life.

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