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Plan Efficient Meetings

Everybody has a need to run a meeting every once in a while. Some people have a natural talent in facilitating others, while others may need a bit of structure and method to make the meeting efficient.

This course will show you what constitutes a good well-prepared meeting, how it is different from a failed one, and how to prepare one yourself. We will talk about the reasons why meetings fail and strategies to avoid it. We'll explore the anatomy of a face-to-face session, learn about different meetings types and prepare checklists to make our meetings better.

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Created by Igor Arkhipov
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About the author

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Igor is a seasoned business analyst and a BA team manager with more than ten years of experience in the fields of e-commerce, content management, customer service, and software development.

His areas of expertise include Business Analysis, Project Management, Business process management, Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management, and Agile.

With a strong belief that business analysis as a practice triggers emergent organizational effects, Igor advocates that there is a room for business analysis within any role you may perform in the business.

Igor is leading an analysis practice at Isobar Australia.

Formal Qualifications:

Igor holds a Master's degree in business process modelling and optimization and is a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) by IIBA®.

Igor also has a list of qualifications in ISO 9000, ISO 31000, ITIL, Agile and industry-specific certificates.