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How to Thrive During Uncertainty

Uncertainty can make us uncomfortable.

Sometimes we want to avoid change. Research shows that the majority of people respond negatively to change. But change and uncertainty are not only part of life, they also contribute to a life of happiness and purpose.

This is a creative and practical course that will challenge you to think differently about change, and to embrace uncertainty as part of a fulfilling life.

In this course, you will learn why it can be difficult to cope with uncertainty and change. You will discover simple and useful tools to deal with uncertainty. And you will explore the positive side of change.

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Created by Julia Barbosa
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Hello, my name is Julia, and I'm passionate about personal development. I'm a personal development and business effectiveness specialist, with a consistent track-record of leading people and organizations through change, equipping others with tools and skills to thrive. I'm a specialist in coaching, strategic planning, and change management. I'm always looking for new tips and methods to simplify life, make people more productive, and create useful habits. I speak and write about personal development, the power of failure in learning, and happiness in the workplace.

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