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Nail Your Next Job Interview

This course will prepare you to present your best self in job interviews. We explore how to prepare for a job interview, how to develop answers for and practice answering tough interview questions. We explore the basic etiquette of interviews, from before you enter the building to after you leave. We prepare for a variety of interview types and learn about illegal interview questions and how to answer them. When you complete this course, you will have the skills and strategies you need to let your personality shine and ace the job interview.

10 lessons
1h 11m
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Emily Carlson Goenner is an instructor of business communications at St. Cloud State University and author of "The Business Communication Workbook: Skills and Strategies for the Working World." She earned degrees in English literature and composition from St. Cloud State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Ms. Goenner has been teaching job application documents and skills for over seven years and enjoys helping people develop the documents and skills needed to find their dream jobs.