From Chaos to Calm: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home

Decluttering and Organizing can be very overwhelming; that's why in this course, you'll have a room by room guide as to where to start, things to declutter, how to design and organize, and how to maintain each space. My intention is for you to go slowly but steadily making progress in your home. As an Interior Designer and Feng Shui coach, I know the benefits of decluttering and organizing for your mental wellbeing, sense of freedom, level of happiness, and business success. Your home is a 3D vision board of your life. Is your home supporting you or hindering you from achieving your goals? Start here. Let me be your guide in this transformational journey.

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Created by Ana Maria Matamoros
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Hi! My name is Ana Maria, and I'm an artist and Interior Designer. Like most creatives, I used to start projects and leave them incomplete because I was constantly chasing the next shiny object. This all changed when I learned the science behind "How to Finish your Goals," and I was able to have a thriving online business at I now create art, sell e-courses, and help my clients create beautiful spaces that reflect who they are.