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Work with Meaning

When we work with meaning, we choose a better, stronger version of ourselves. We believe that we can shape a different future. Creating that future fills us with a sense of adventure. When we work with meaning, obstacles set the scene for options, not ultimatums.

In this course, you will engage with a future you want to create. You will discover your signature strengths, the things you love to do and are good at that set you apart. You will come up with creative, compelling, and actionable ways to keep moving towards your desired future through small, consistent actions that make better use of your signature strengths.

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Created by Camelia Ram
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Camelia is a consultant, teacher, and writer. Her research and professional work for the last decade has focused on making decisions under uncertainty. She believes that in a world where there is no prescribed path to success, work with meaning involves investing little and often in learning what brings you the most joy.

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