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How to Analyse Problems

Almost every professional job involves solving problems. The first stage in solving a problem is thoroughly understanding it. What are the real causes of the issue? This short course teaches you seven different and powerful problem analysis methods. It guides you on how and when to use them. There is also a review of how to facilitate a team meeting to use these techniques as a group activity. You will become a better problem solver with this course.

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Created by Paul Sloane
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Paul Sloane gained a first class degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. He came top of Sales School at IBM. He went on to become a Marketing Director, Managing Director, and CEO of software companies. He has written over 20 books which have sold over 2 million copies in total. His most popular books are entitled:

• "How to Be a Brilliant Thinker"

• "The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills"

• "Think Like an Innovator"

• "Lateral Thinking Puzzlers"

Paul runs lateral thinking and innovation master classes with top corporations around the world. He has been a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University, Lancaster University, Henley Business School, and the Mumbai Institute of Technology. His TEDx talk is available on Youtube. It is entitled "Are your Open-Minded?"

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