How to Create Your Best Year Ever

The goal of this course is to help you develop and consistently live principles that will improve your mindset and create a richly fulfilling year in your personal life or any endeavor. This course will teach you the critical components that help bring goals to reality, along with the process of developing clarity of purpose and a personal vision in each area of your life. You will learn self-mastery and how to create 90-day inspired action plans that will ultimately help you create your best year.

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Created by Felix Mack
10 lessons
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About the author

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Hi, I'm Felix Mack, host of the Live Your Potential Podcast and creator of the Live Your Potential Journal.

My focus is on helping people take charge of their lives and achieve their goals.

Following 6 years in the military, I felt a certain sense of uncertainty about my future. However, after being introduced to personal development, I quickly began to implement the principles of self-mastery, having a growth mindset, and achieving transformational goals.

As a founder of Live Your Potential, I now share my growth-mindset and leadership experience with entrepreneurs and those passionate about self-improvement.