What Is Intuition and How to Use It to Grow Your Career and Life

In this course, Colleen guides you to understand what intuition is and how do you use to it start achieving your goals, creating better relationships, and create multiple streams of income. Colleen goes through understanding how to start creating sustainable success now that will last you for a lifetime through impact and income. Colleen shares many modalities and practices you can implement to understand how intuition can be used to give you the courage to chase your dreams and create massive success. These practices are what have empowered her to create a multiple 6 figure business and global brand in under three years.

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Created by Colleen Gallagher
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About the author

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Colleen is an Online Course Creator, Intuitive, Cancer-Survivor, Podcast Host, Global Citizen, Published Author of Books, Social Media Guide, and Passionate About Empowering People to Gain Clarity On Their Purpose. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology as well.

Her most tremendous success is seeing her clients become empowered to create lifestyles that transform their lives and change the world. Colleen offers experiences for people to deepen their spiritual practices, understand the power of expression to attract opportunities, and take calculated action toward growing a sustainable impact.