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Become a Thought Leader: Increase Your Influence and Rise from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Is there a voice inside you telling you that you are so much more capable of accomplishing good work than you're currently doing? That you can be an influencer and you can become known for your talents, knowledge, and gifts? Are you afraid to listen to that voice? If you answered yes, this course might benefit you. It's designed to provide ordinary people – regardless of talent, occupation, or age – with the gentle push they may need to begin their journey to becoming a thought leader and influencer in their chosen field of interest.

This course will cover how to change your mindset and explore what a thought leader really is and why people fail. We'll find ways to discover your own talents and how to develop an audience for those talents. And finally, we'll go over some of the communication tools you can use to attract your target audience.

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Created by Carol A. Wilcox
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Carol is a writer, accidental mentor and coach, and an internet entrepreneur. She has a background in marketing and communications, and she helps to motivate ordinary people to discover and develop their talents through her inspirational writings and online courses.

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