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Customer & Branding Psychology Masterclass

Customer purchase decisions are never swayed solely with info on tech, quality, and performance. Brands win by psychologically 'framing' product and brand experience, by creating a feeling of personal relevance. Brands win by touching people emotionally.

This course provides psychological insights and techniques that decode your Target Audience's critical needs and motivations. It teaches you how to align brand communication with people's emotions. And it provides powerful examples that show and inspire you to create a motivating brand experience in creative, entertaining, and engaging ways.

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Created by Holger E. Metzger
9 lessons
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About the author

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Holger founded a leading Insights & Branding Agency in Shanghai in 1998 and has since been helping global and local brands expand a strong foothold in one of the most exciting, mindblowing, and challenging markets on the planet. Apart from China, Holger and his team have also been working with clients in India, Indonesia, Europe, and North America.

Holger is an expert in the application of Narrative and Associative Psychology to consumer research and brand building. Over the years, he has developed and adapted innovative insights techniques to decode customers' subliminal decision-making processes. He has developed workshops designed to craft powerful brand narratives as well as creative communication content that engages and moves people.

On the creative side, Holger is an avid storyteller, screenwriter, and filmmaker who loves creating original stories for branded entertainment. He also writes scripts for movies and TV shows for the US, Taiwan, and China markets.