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The Everyday Leader. Part 1: Being Well-Intentioned

Hello and welcome to this course!

This course is part one of a five-part series on Everyday Leadership.

Everyday Leadership, in simple terms, is the ability to apply a complex set of integrated skills to improve the effectiveness of Individuals, Teams, and Organizations alike.

By the end of this course on Being Well-Intentioned, learners:

• will have a clear understanding of what it means and its relevance in building Leadership;

• will access proven tips from Psychology and Neuroscience to apply this skill masterfully;

• will chart a blueprint for themselves that is focused on enhancing their Everyday Leadership.

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About the author

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Ronald Stephen Fernandes is the Founder & CEO of 'Metamorphosis' – a neuroscience-based Coaching; Training & Consulting; and Leadership-Development Company, based in Hyderabad, India. With the premise of effecting learning interventions with sustainable and quantifiable results, Ron aims at merging best practices from his various fields of experience and research into making 'Learning' what it really should be – relevant, applicable, cohesive, simple, and fun!

Using experiential, brain-based learning techniques, and an interactive, engaging approach, Ron works closely with 100+ companies across India, the US, and Australia.

A Mental health professional, he employs the power of cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and personality dynamics to customize learning solutions for all his clients.