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Triumph after Tragedy

This course will guide you through your own, personalized journey to healing from the past traumas in your life! It will give you an understanding of how your body is responding to the unhealed trauma, while also guiding through your own personal plan on how to heal from them for good! It's also designed in a way to make adjustments and do it again with different or new traumas! The results are life-transforming, no matter what phase you are in your healing process! Don't let your past ruin your future! You are in the right place! And the right time is NOW!

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Created by Tracy Lowry
12 lessons
1h 36m
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Registered Nurse and former Licensed Massage Therapist, Tracy Lowry, has 15+ years of experience managing patients' physical pain and healing. After healing decades of her own painful traumas, she dedicates her life to helping others heal their EMOTIONAL pain! Although life has been a "School of Hard Knocks," she found her true passion for sharing how she turned her messes into her message! How she found her personal healing and peace. How she moves forward with hope and faith, even when there is none in sight. How she can be calm in the eye of the storm. Now, she shares those vital lessons with you!

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