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How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

How well do you interact with family, friends, and co-workers? Have you ever wondered why you or others have such a hard time communicating? Believe it or not, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays a major role in our everyday life. In this course, we breakdown Emotional Intelligence to its core and explore how you can develop your Emotional Intelligence to enhance your life. We will teach you how to take your negative emotions and turn them into something beneficial. We'll also share stories from our own experience that will help you on your journey. Let's dive in!

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Jo Champion is my name! I have a passion for creating content to empower others. My main objective providing people with things to consider when adversity strikes. There are so many people lacking resourceful social circles that invest in your personal development. I regularly blog "Motivational Monday" on a weekly basis to inspire people for personal development.  I'm a firm believer in sharing knowledge and experience to promote good within any community.

And I'm Marcus Turner. I'm a life coach and the founder of The Motivation Network. My mission is to provide authentic growth and development resources to people who have a desire to be more! I founded The Motivation Network to create a community of positivity that will promote growth and serve as a "toolbox" for people to get the education and resources they need to realize and achieve their dreams.

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