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Live Your Big Life: 6 Tools to Help You Stop Playing Small

This course gives you 6 clear and effective tools to liberate you from the inner stories and self-criticism that have kept you from living the abundant, bigger life you were meant to live. You will learn how to use the tools of Context, Faith, Gratitude, Terms, Ownership, and Your Relationship to Money. You will envision YOUR bigger, better life, and how the world roots for you to live it and find new inspiration to practice applying 6 tools that will help you be the person you want to be.

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Created by Mark A. Rothman
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1h 6m
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I am a Progress Coach based in Los Angeles, but with international practice. I help you become more successful, so you can achieve your goals. I work with experienced professionals, people starting new careers, entrepreneurs, teachers… you... to break through glass ceilings, eliminate obstacles, and maintain ever-increasing progress. My experience includes more than 18 years of one-on-one mentoring and sponsoring, as well as being mentored and sponsored by others. I also facilitate and co-facilitate coaching-based groups and progress retreats. I am here to care for you, help you, inspire you, and nurture your growth.

You can reach me at, on Instagram at @markprogresscoach, or on Facebook at Mark Rothman Progress Coach. Check out my website, and my book on Amazon, "Stop Playing Small: An A to Z Guide to Living Your Bigger, Better Life."

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