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This audio course aims to teach listeners to define "the reader's profile", brand identity, writer's voice as well as show the steps to structure the content according to motives and intents of the reader/audience, blog, and blog post.

This course is an ultimate guide to creating compelling intent-based content packed with examples on how to generate keywords, keyword phrases, and semantic words through decoding the reader's intent and blog's products. The course teaches the fundamentals of creating compelling content and peels off multiple abstract layers of concepts that go into the blog content.

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Created by Ayse Balkose
10 lessons
1h 14m
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Ayse has re-invented her life multiple times from ground zero to award-nominated artist. She was one of the youngest and a few female factory managers as a Bachelor chemical engineer with masters, MBA. Last 10 years, she has re-invented herself as an artist in different art forms moving to a new country, learning English. Her secret talent is distilling the information into basic smaller easy to understand chunks. She is here to pass on her knowledge and add as much value as she can to other lives through her lived experiences.