How Do I Grieve?

Grieving is hard work and not something that people naturally know how to do. I have personal experience working through my grief, first after losing my mother when I was in college and then after losing my son in 2018 in a tragic car accident. I have spoken with well over a hundred grieving parents over the last two years. I will bring what I have learned to others so that they will know what is ok, normal, and necessary to heal. By the end of this course, listeners will feel a little more hope for the future.

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I am a pediatrician and mother of three biological children and one foster child. I am passionate about caring for children and families. After losing my son, Andy, this passion inspired me to create a weekly podcast called "Losing a Child: Always Andy's Mom." The show offers healing and hope to bereaved parents and those who support them. On my grief journey, I have spoken to well over a hundred grieving parents. I have learned more about grief than I ever thought possible. I feel called to share this knowledge with others to make their journey just a little less difficult.