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Become a Podcast Rockstar

This course teaches you everything you need to know to get booked on podcasts as an expert guest, on shows that are relevant to your professional niche. Our goal is to give you our entire fully tested process to prepare you for a custom podcast tour that will help you get exposure to new audiences, build visibility, trust and authority in you and your business.

By following the system described in the course, you should be able to land at least 4 podcast guest spots within 3 weeks of starting to apply the system.

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Created by Jürgen Strauss
15 lessons
1h 28m
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About the author

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Dr. Jürgen Strauss is the founder and chief innovator at Innovabiz, a podcaster, transformational marketer, keen photographer, and cyclist.

He is passionate about helping businesses achieve exceptional results through innovation and modern human marketing. Jürgen is the host of the Tales of Marketing Transformation show and the InnovaBuzz innovation podcast, where he has been privileged to engage in over 400 meaningful conversations with entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Prior to founding Innovabiz, Jürgen worked in the science and chemical industries leading large global multi-national teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia. He's spent years at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management.