How to Get Your Business Funded

According to Fundable, less than 1% of businesses looking for funding actually get it. For this reason, if you don't know how to pitch your business, you will almost certainly fail. It is also likely that your mental health will suffer.

Adam has spent his time running funding events, sitting on investment panels, and working with companies looking to raise money. Through working with investors and gathering their feedback he has a sharp insight into where founders go wrong on their funding path, and what they can do to change that.

If you are new to raising funding or have been unsuccessful on that journey so far, this course will definitely help you.

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About the author

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After careers in banking, nursing, and counseling Adam left to set up his own business. He went on to Co-found a funding company to match investors with great projects. Translating what founders wanted to say into what investors wanted to hear through their pitch became his area of expertise. He is also a published author on mental health. Founders looking for funding and not succeeding will almost certainly lead to a mental health issue. Adam brings these 2 worlds together in a very unique way.