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The Mindful Marketer is brought to you by NaRon Tillman. In this course, you will learn how to blend best marketing practices with some mindfulness on our quest to become a Mindful Marketer.

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Created by NaRon Tillman
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Pastor Tillman is a rare blend of entrepreneurship, Pastoring, transformational yoga, and mindfulness coach. He is the host of the Walk-In Victory Podcast where he discusses best leadership practices. Faith, practice, and open-mindedness form the bedrock of his work. NaRon Tillman's community work takes him from boardrooms and investor meetings to at-risk schools, shelters, senior centers, and more. A graduate of Drake Business School, certified in various Digital Marketing fields Pastor Tillman helps churches develop financial independence, self-sustaining revenue, and advocate for change. He is the Director of Urban Yogis, Pastor of One Ministries, a husband, and father of 3 children.