How to Be Successful at Starting Over in a New Country

Most times when people move countries, they tend to forget why they did so and could get lost in the hustle that comes with settling in. The goal of this course is to teach the key mindsets that are required for starting over in another country successfully as well as to teach how to keep your dreams alive and go after them despite whatever else is happening.

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Created by Asia Esanwa
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About the author

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Asia Esanwa is the creator and host of the Project Start Over podcast which is the first and only podcast to spotlight strong, beautiful women who have started over in different countries and are doing amazing things in the world. Through her weekly podcast, she normalizes starting over and provides listeners with actionable tools to start over in different areas of their lives.

She is also a certified chartered accountant with over a decade of experience working with multinational professional services firms across Africa and North America.

Asia lives in Canada with her husband and children where they moved to from Nigeria a couple of years ago.