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How to Understand and Apply the Law of Attraction

This course is designed to teach the listener how the law of attraction can directly improve their life. We go beyond the surface level of what the law of attraction is and teach how to apply the principles. They will learn how to shape the path of their life by learning techniques such as key elements of the law of attraction, best practices of the law of attraction, and a daily guide to master the law of attraction. Following the teachings in this course will lead to an improved state of being, which in turn will bring more bliss in the listener's life.

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Kahlil & Natasha Nurse are hosts of the WokeNFree podcast that refuses to leave anything off the table. They talk about relationships, education, religion, politics, music, history, fashion, diversity in the media, entertainment, empowerment matters, life hacks, technology, cultural disparities in the world, and everything in between. We want everyone to live life in the best way possible, so we are always expanding our knowledge and introducing new concepts that might not be known to the majority of people. Everyone should keep their minds open as we plan to pass on information to truly let you live. Join the WokeNFree movement at

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