The Business Fixer: Fix Your Business in 72 Hours

In The Business Fixer course, we'll go over each of the three reasons why your new business is going nowhere, and then we'll fix it. On each day for the next 3 days, we'll strengthen your business and sales strategy, and you'll have a better understanding of your client's expectations and how to sell to them.

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Created by Abbie Nwaocha
16 lessons
1h 35m
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Abbie Nwaocha is the founder of For Her Empire. She is an educator, coach, consultant, and uncompromising supporter of female-owned businesses.

Abbie is a business chameleon that has worked with solopreneurs and small businesses in every field from publishing, real estate, politics, photographic, media to eCommerce. And now, she uses all she’s learned from her career to celebrate, motivate, support, and handhold female entrepreneurs.