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How to Get Media Coverage for Your Small Business

In this course, you will learn how PR pros pitch and get news coverage. More importantly, you will learn how you can do it for your business. It is possible to get the media to cover you for the good things you do in your business.

The lessons of this course will outline the process of successfully pitching the media and then how you would work with them to get your story placed. By the end of this course, you will be able to create a pitch, get it to the right media outlet, and help them tell a story that is favorable to you and your business.

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Created by Lynford Morton
12 lessons
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About the author

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Lyn Morton is a personal branding coach, host of the Personal Branding with Lyn podcast, and founder of the Personal Branding Academy online course and membership program. His work is rooted in a 20-year career as a communications and media relations professional before becoming an entrepreneur.

As a media relations professional, he has:

• Led media relations program for a $5 billion business.

• Managed federal government cabinet-level media events.

• Won awards for Best PR Campaign and Integrated Communications Campaign in a 73,000-employee company.

• Led media training program for executives of an $8 billion business.

• Served as company spokesperson for four organizations.