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Overcoming Learning Obstacles

In this course, you'll be guided to learn (and unlearn) how to learn on your own; the process of mastery. We'll be shifting gears to a higher paradigm of increasing efficiency and effectiveness, while simultaneously diving deeper into our internal subjective experience of what is happening during the learning process. We'll clear our perceptual vision to recognise the core essence of a chosen field, by allowing the dissolution of the learning blocks and ineffective belief systems via a non-resistance attitude. All the tools are already within; the human psyche is innately creative and inventive when unimpeded. I wish to assist you to see it and believe it.

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A traveling little soul who cannot hold down the creative urges to express the beauty of being alive and to comfort and heal the wounded. A former graduate of mechanical engineering; which allowed for learning of concise and precise use of the intellect within the confinements of logic. A music composer; which allows for intimate emersion of radical subjectivity that is beyond thinking via words, emotions that transform and touch the heart to the point of cathartic tears. A martial artist/meditator and a movement athlete/coach; which allows for exploration of our fascinating body and its interaction with the mind, the discipline to maintain the body, and the dedication required to commit to the path of actualizing one's potential. On a mission of optimizing the non-linear creative process of learning how to learn and unlearn. Jongtae spends a little too much time contemplating how to assist people in discovering their inner teacher in the most effective manner, by becoming an example.

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